First Kiss

Author: Nicole Hosking

I was awake before anyone else this morning, for a change, couldn't sleep. This mattress of his being on the floor was not a good idea for my bones. Edward always said if he came home drunk one night and his mattress was on a bed, he'd say he'd miss the bed and end up on the floor anyway. So that's his theory of having the mattress on the floor.

He woke soon after I was trying quietly to crawl off the mattress. I said 'good morning' and made my way to the toilet. I wasn't sure if anyone else was awake, so I opened the door and snuck to where the toilet room was. On my way I noticed Edward's dad was awake, sitting at the kitchen table, feet up folded on the edge of it, staring into space. Same thing every morning with him. Edward and his dad were in a ' bachelor pad' as they called it. He was always telling me his mother left to give his dad time and space. They loved that she wasn't around, do what they want, when they want, leave when they pleased and go out whenever.

I headed back to the bedroom where Edward was still lying in his bed, hands behind his head, staring at the ceiling. What was it with these men staring at nothing? He was a tall, red headed, freckled kind of guy, which every woman didn't know how to approach as he never looked happy or never had a smile on his face, even for photos. His strawberry blonde hair was cut, short-back-and-sides, which the top of always stood on end. If his dad had the same style you wouldn't be able to tell them apart, they looked so alike, except that his dad had a few teethe missing and a more evil look in his eyes. I went and lay back down beside him and stared at nothing myself. His eyes were a sharp green, but were hardly open all the way. His eyelids were nothing I'd seen before; they were like they didn't exist around his eyes. The ears in the other hand were rather small considering the large shape of his head and squished up the side of his skull, looking like flaps of skin, but, I suppose, they were ears and they did the job. But like most men, he had selective hearing and only heard what he wanted to hear.

"Tracey?" Edward said my name as though it hurt him to say it.

"Yes, what's up?" Where was this going? What was he thinking?

"I was thinking. We've been going out for nearly three months now and we haven't even kissed yet. Sleeping together without doing anything is my fault. Holding hands and touching each other is getting a bit boring. I'd like to spice it up a bit now, if that's ok with you? One step at a time, slow and easy is the way." He didn't look at me the whole time he said this. Just laid there, still staring at the ceiling as he spoke.

I thought I'd never hear him say those words. But what did he want? Our first kiss at last maybe? Surely he didn't want to get straight into the sexual side of things already and having our first kiss while we were at it!

"Um, ok. What were you thinking about doing? I don't want to go too fast either, but I think we know each other pretty well now don't you?" Hopefully that didn't upset him.

"Our first kiss I think will be the first thing we do and we'll go from there. See how we feel after and we'll take it as it comes then. What do you say?" He turned to look at me now, eyes shining with a look of anxiety in them. His mouth was curled up one side as though half smiling. My god, have I finally got him smiling?

"I've never kissed anyone before. Well, I have but it was a disaster." He already knew about my stupid teenage raged past. I was at school, only wanting boys to like me, even tried to have one of them sneak into my room one night. Anyway, that was then this is now.

"I'll teach you how to kiss if you like, even though I've only kissed one other girl myself. But it was nice and I enjoyed how we kissed. I don't think you really want to hear about my first kiss." It was a bit awkward listening to him talking about kissing someone else, but it was our turn now, who knows, it might be the best kiss either of us has ever had, or it could turn out being a nightmare. Only one way to find out.

Edward finally rolled onto his side to face me, putting his hand on the side of his face and rested on his elbow. I turned to look at him to. We stared at each other for a couple of moments before one of us made the first move.

He moved first, slowly moving his face toward me, his eyes fixated on mine. The look in them was sweet, loving, and anxious. I didn’t know what to expect when our lips touched. Should I close my eyes or leave them open? Should I open my mouth or have my lips gently apart? I didn’t know what to do; I didn't want to scare him with the urgency that was burning inside me. Our mouths finally connected, it felt like an eternity, waiting. For his lips to meet mine. They were gentle, warm; there was no sudden movement when they gradually parted. I followed his lead; I knew he wanted me to do what he was doing. I felt like I was going to hyperventilate the rate we were going. His tongue gently reached into my mouth, I met it with mine, and it was like transferring a lolly to each other without letting it drop or fall out. The salivation started, should I do something about it, oops, nope, Edward bet me to that. He gently started to suck it away with his mouth. I just lay there, not knowing what to do next. This kiss was what I was waiting for so long and now that it was happening I had no idea what to do. It was lasting longer than I expected.

As I was enjoying the moment, he let our lips gently part, but with a 'smack' as they parted. He leaned

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