The Olive

Author: Algernon Blackwood


  • Reviewed by Bejoy  on  April 11th, 2016

    The olive by algernon blackwood

  • Reviewed by Saúl Choxóm  on  October 16th, 2016

    The olive,
    This short fiction story, written by Algernon Blackwood in 1922 this short story was set in different places. First at the hotel dining room. Second on the table of dining room third in the olive groves.
    This short story talks about different stages, beginning with the olive who rolled down from the table and goes to the chair where the youngish man was sitting and the girl who picks up and put the olive to the table, tablecloth, plates, candles sticks, forks, etc on the table. How the girl talks and plays with the olive so close to her plate. A youngish man who has knowledge in chemistry and who was traveling in Italian Riviera but he prefers the coast of France and he likes olive grove so he was talking with the girl they spent good time together.
    The main characters are first the olive; second the girl who was trying to eat the olive the mother of the girl and the youngish man who was a visitor in this hotel.
    In this short story happened that youngish man was staying in the hotel so an olive rolled and approached him. Later a girl talked with him so he invites her to go out so they talked about different topics in some stage the girl asked him if he likes the olive grove and if he likes to eat an olive.
    I think this short story is not good in humble opinion is not excite for me this kind of story is very difficult to understand because there are a lots of rarely words than I have never heard.

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